Making later life better now and in the future.

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SEEFA’s Policy Panel aims to work with policy makers, service providers and planners to actively engage with them to make later life better now and in the future.

The Panel comprises people who by virtue of their own life experiences are experts on later life. All Panel Members have organisations and local forums sitting behind them and although they speak up for themselves they are informed by a larger constituency of older people. This is seen as an example of good practice in engagement. We know the best way to ensure good policy decisions is to integrate the perspectives of people who are themselves experts in later life and ageing through their own life experiences.  

The Panel meets regularly to consider current policy and respond to consultations and has so far looked at attitudes to ageing, social care, health, wellbeing and housing. Examples of good and bad practice are identified and shared. Key messages are formulated which inform SEEFA's work. The key messages are publicised and shared in various ways, including at high profile events such as the Symposium on Health and Social Care in May 2013 at the Palace of Westminster.

The Panel is also taking part in a project to engage with CCGs across the South East with the aim of assisting health service providers take the needs of the older population into account.  

The Panel comprises people from a diverse range of backgrounds, communities of interest and geographic locations across the South East of England

The Panel meets to consider and debate current ageing issues. Discussion is in depth, drawing on the experience and expertise of Panel members

The Panel aims to promote really positive dialogue and make an informed contribution with good quality and timely information which can be used productively


The Panel acts as a mechanism for communicating information on good practice and research on later life

The Panel has clear links to Government through SEEFA, the English Forums Chairs meetings and the UK Advisory Forum on Ageing

Contact Julia Pride

The Policy Panel is interested in engaging positively with policy makers and service providers to help make life better. If you would like help with an engagement project please get in touch.