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South East Age UKs and SEEFA – the South East England Forum on Ageing - have joined forces to examine:

Culminating in a Symposium at the Palace of Westminster this high profile debate is intended to make a real difference to the way older people are viewed as consumers.  The project will bring together experts with experience of later life, policy makers, stakeholders in the business world and research. We will make suggestions to policy makers and influencers for encouraging ‘all age friendly’ multi generational business approaches.

SEEFA is collecting examples of good practice in later life engagement. If you have experience of positive engagement please contact us.

Find out what people with experience of ageing think are the key issues for older consumers.


Age Action Alliance


The SEEFA Agenda - Key  Issues

SEEFA is the South East England Forum on Ageing.

SEEFA aims to bring people together to influence later life strategies, policies and services to make life better for current and future generations of older people.

SEEFA works with people who know what they are talking about. We know the best way to ensure good services is to integrate the perspectives of people who are themselves experts in later life and ageing through their own life experiences.  SEEFA’s Policy Panel comprises people who are experts on later life and who can actively engage with policy makers and commissioners to influence later life policy.


A message from SEEFA’s Chair, Peter Dale:

'Increased longevity is a blessing rather than a burden. We need a paradigm shift in the way later life is viewed, valuing the contribution of older people rather than seeing them just as consumers of resources.

SEEFA knows that ageist attitudes can cause real harm and can affect health and wellbeing. Most older people are fit and healthy and do not need care. People should be assisted to keep on contributing to their communities and remain independent for as long as possible. When services are needed they should be personalised, safe and of a high quality. People should always be treated with dignity and respect.'

SEEFA wants to see key later life issues fully explored and debated. You can read more here.

A New Narrative on Ageing

SEEFA has been doing a lot of work to help create a New Narrative on Ageing. The new narrative is based on 5 pillars:

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SEEFA Members Briefing

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SEEFA’s New Narrative on Ageing

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Our Ageing Society

Challenges or Opportunities for Business

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Symposium at the House of Lords on
Our Ageing Society:
Challenges or Opportunities for Business